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When penetrating damp occurs below ground, such as in a cellar, the source of dampness cannot be removed and thus a variety of specialised Waterproofing or "Tanking" systems are applied by our experts to provide a barrier between the damp masonry and the decorated surface.

The type of waterproofing or tanking system used will depend on the end requirements for the area under consideration.

Both of our surveyors hold the ‘Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing’ qualification which allows them to design and specify waterproofing systems to below ground structures. The CSSW is a nationally recognised professional qualification for individuals involved in diagnosing problems with water entering structures below ground level and who recommend design solutions.  

Types of Tanking System

Type A

This type of waterproofing comprises various categories of ‘barrier’ system designed to be applied to the concrete or masonry structure.

  • Cementitious: waterproof cement often referred to as ‘tanking systems’.

  • Fully bonded membranes: typically used in basement waterproofing as well as to waterproof foundations, roofs, lift shafts and lift pits, balconies and other below ground structures such as car parks.

  • Liquid applied systems: Waterproof coatings that also act as a barrier against Methane and Carbon Dioxide. These can be applied by airless spray, roller or brush to walls, floors and soffits.

  • Solvent-free, two-part epoxy resin coating: typically used beneath raised access floors, in plant rooms and bunded areas.

  • Liquid applied elastomeric waterproofing coating: withstands building movements and can be used as a base coat, reinforcing layer, or top coat on terraces, balconies and podium decks as well as beneath paving on exterior surfaces.

Type B

This type of waterproofing, used to waterproof concrete, is defined in BS 8102:2009 as where the concrete structure itself is constructed as an integral water-resistant shell. The water tightness of a Type B construction is reliant upon using a concrete of low permeability with the appropriate joint detailing.

A range of concrete waterproofing products that we use include a BBA certified and unique Triton TT Admix.

Type C

This type of waterproofing is defined in BS 8102:2009 as ‘drained protection system’. This is achieved by incorporation a drained cavity within the basement or semi-below ground structure. The basement wall must provide enough primary resistance to water ingress to ensure the cavity only accepts a controlled amount of water. Water is collected in the cavity, between the external wall and an internal cavity drainage membrane, and is diverted to a suitable drainage point.

The use of cavity drain membranes does not allow pressure to build up against the internal construction. The air gap allows the structure to breathe and, to some extent, dry out. Cavity drain membranes are laid on floors and fixed to walls using special plugs and sealing materials, with little or no preparation required to the substrate. Once the membrane has been fitted, wall surfaces can be dry lined or plastered directly, and floors can be screeded or a floating dry board floor system installed.

Triton Waterproofing Systems

For further information about the products, brochures and the systems that we use please visit the Triton Systems website at: www.tritonsystems.co.uk.

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